FSE Technician Recognition Awards – 3rd Quarter 2021

The GM Field Service Engineer (FSE) Technician Recognition Awards (U.S.) celebrate the skill and dedication of dealership technicians who have recently worked with FSE’s on challenging repairs.

Technicians at GM dealerships are selected for recognition based on their focus on safety, customer satisfaction, personal accountability, training achievements, diagnostic abilities, and the level of repair documentation.

Each recognized technician receives a Service Excellence magnetic plaque and an Excellence in Service Award certificate. (Fig. 17)


Fig. 17


3rd Quarter 2021 Technician Recognition Award Winners

Technician: Matthew Bearcroft

Dealership: Mohawk Chevrolet, Ballston Spa, New York

FSE: Gustav Cariglio

Service Excellence: Matthew is a dedicated and knowledgeable GM World Class Technician who recently assisted on a 2020 Silverado with the 3.0L diesel engine (RPO LM2) that had DTC P04CF set for EGR temperature sensor 3 (aka temp sensor 2).

Matthew had followed Service Information diagnostics and did everything the TAC consultant had instructed, including sensor replacement, ECM replacement and a very professional job of restringing the circuit. Ultimately, after asking for assistance from GM Engineering, it was suggested to replace the ECM and sensor at the same time, which finally corrected the condition.

Throughout the repairs, Matthew demonstrated safety first by positioning an improvised test lamp in a safe location with an inline fuse, and he worked diligently as if the vehicle was the most important one in the shop. Matthew makes no excuses and is very focused on finding solutions for success.

Technician: Jess Anderson

Dealership: Kolar Chevrolet Buick GMC, Hermantown, Minnesota

FSE: Reuben Gosewisch

Service Excellence: There were two cases recently where GM World Class Technician Jess Anderson provided very detailed information to GM on current product concerns.

One case was an A/C refrigerant leak on a 2020 Bolt EV. Jess had already isolated the leak and provided the information to TAC. All the details on the condition Jess had discovered were documented and verified for GM Engineering, and she was great in helping to get the necessary information.

The other case was an exhaust rattle on a 2021 Acadia. Jess had already diagnosed the condition and helped obtain the needed videos and pictures, which were used to submit a highly detailed FPR. In turn, GM Engineering was able to work with the supplier to correct the exhaust rattle.

In all her work, Jess goes above and beyond with her customers to make sure they are satisfied. Many times, she will talk with customers and take them on test drives to duplicate and understand their concerns. Jess sets an example in providing world class service and satisfaction for our GM customers.

Shop Foreman: Taylor Seales

Dealership: Wilson Chevrolet, Stillwater, Oklahoma

FSE: Greg Brinlee

Service Excellence: Taylor recently worked on two difficult vehicle concerns. He refused to give up when little progress was made on resolving an echo on the receiving end of phone calls in a vehicle. He tried different speakers and microphones from a known good vehicle, but nothing made any change in the condition. After trying several different repairs, the Brand Quality Manager suggested programming the radio again even though it had just been replaced. Taylor did not question what was asked of him and programmed the radio software and calibrations, which finally resolved the issue.

Taylor also had a new vehicle with only 52 miles on it that was showing a Service Door Latch message. Taylor found a fuel door lock actuator that was not plugged in. He also submitted a Service Information feedback because this fuel door latch was not found in the wiring schematics. During both cases, Taylor worked hard to get the vehicles back to the customers in a timely manner and to make sure they were happy with the service they received.

Technician: Derrick Calandra

Dealership: Chevrolet Buick GMC of Sanger, California

FSE: Leonard Tunstall

Service Excellence: Derrick was recently working on a difficult case with a diesel engine (RPO LM2) with an extended crank condition. With extensive diagnostics, troubleshooting, and waiting for parts, there had been a lot of work involved in trying to get this vehicle back on the road. Derrick was very patient throughout the entire process, which led to the replacement of the camshaft exciter wheel, requiring removal of the engine assembly. Unfortunately, the exciter wheel can be installed 180 degrees out of phase, even when using the correct tools. As frustrating as this was, Derrick maintained his professionalism and dedication as he removed the engine once again and was able to properly position the exciter wheel. We appreciate Derrick’s willingness to demonstrate his “It’s On Me” attitude through this difficult repair. Derrick really went to bat when his help was needed most.

Technician: Adam Schrepel

Dealership: Bud Clary Chevrolet, Longview, Washington

FSE: Corey Smith

Service Excellence: Adam assisted with a high-visibility vehicle inspection procedure and, throughout the process, displayed absolute professionalism. He was instrumental in ensuring the procedures were performed properly, thoroughly, and safely. The inspection could not have been done without Adam’s support and cooperation, and his help was very much appreciated during this in-depth process.

Technician: Justin Ma

Dealership: Honolulu Buick GMC, Honolulu, Hawaii

FSE: Wade Hanna

Service Excellence: A recent case with Justin covered the top LED strip above the driver’s headlamp illuminating purple/blue when it should have been bright white. The customer had already replaced both headlamp assemblies for this condition. Justin was extremely diligent when diagnosing the concern and accurately tested all headlamp assembly electrical terminals for proper tension, noting exact loaded voltage drops for each power and ground circuit. He also inspected all related circuits and components for water intrusion and possible corrosion. Justin was unable to find any issues with all the tests he performed, and it was obvious the headlamps were still the cause of the condition even after having them replaced.

Instead of just installing two more very expensive headlight assemblies, Justin reached out for assistance. After some research with the headlamp supplier, the issue inside of the headlamp assembly was identified. A service bulletin will be released soon with instructions on correcting the condition. Instead of just replacing the headlamp assemblies again, Justin tested everything involved and reached out for help before throwing more parts at the vehicle. The supplier was able to provide updated headlamp assemblies to fix the issue and satisfy the customer. The difficult repair is a great example of Justin’s dedication and hard work.


– Thanks to Hank Poelman

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