Warning Lamps Illuminate During Vehicle Turns

Some 2020 Trax models may have airbag, theft (security) and tire pressure warning lamps that turn on/off along with an illuminated Check Engine lamp during vehicle turns. DTCs U0078 (Control Module Communication Low Speed CAN Bus Off), U0140 (Lost Communication with Body Control Module), U0184 (Lost Communication with Radio), U0151 (Lost Communication with Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module), and/or U0073 (Control Module Communication Bus A Off) also may be set.

If these conditions are present, check the instrument panel wiring harness retainer, which may have come loose from the tie bar assembly. A loose retainer may allow the wiring harness to rub against the power steering motor (Fig. 12), resulting in the electrical conditions that cause the illuminated warning lamps.


Fig. 12


Access the instrument panel wiring harness by removing the instrument panel from the vehicle. (Fig. 13) Complete all steps in the Instrument Panel Assembly Replacement procedure in the appropriate Service Information to remove the instrument panel.


Fig. 13


Inspect the wiring harness for any evidence of chafing, wear or damage. (Fig. 14) Repair the wiring as necessary. Add conduit over the damaged area to help protect the repaired harness and secure the harness to the tie bar assembly.


Fig. 14


For more information, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-213.


– Thanks to Frank Jakubiec

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