Latest GM Global Electronic Parts Catalog Release Identifies Single Use Parts, Adds Links to SI and Labor Codes

The latest update to the GM Global Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) features additional identifiers for single use parts along with a number of links to related Service Information procedures and the Labor Time Guide. (Fig. 1) These enhancements are designed to make the parts department more efficient by providing additional information about specific parts and repairs, helping ensure that all the parts for a repair are identified. Single use parts have begun to be identified in the service procedures and displayed with the part numbers in the EPC. The latest EPC release has a limited number of vehicles with the single use parts identification feature. More vehicles with single use parts will be added in future releases.

While these new features of the EPC have been implemented for a number of models and model years in the October web and November media EPC releases, additional models will be added in future EPC releases.


Fig. 1


The new GM Global EPC (Fig. 2) was released last year and runs on the advanced HTML5 platform, which provides improved stability, helping to deliver an increase in the levels of up-time and performance. The GM Global EPC link is available on your GlobalConnect Parts Workbench.


Fig. 2


Service Information and Labor Times

For part numbers with related Service Information (SI) documents, links are being added to the EPC search results that connect to the associated SI procedures, making it easier to find the correct parts for the service procedure as well as helping ensure that all necessary parts are ordered for a complete repair. The link to Service Information feature will be available in the November web and media releases.

To access the related Service Information, right-click the part number in the parts list. A pop-up menu will display a number of options, including a link to Display Labor/Service Information, which will display the Labor/Service tab on the Part Details dialog. (Fig. 3)


Fig. 3


From the Part Details dialog screen, the Labor/Service tab shows the Publication Section, Sub-Section, and Labor Code menu options for the selected part number.

TIP: Entering the VIN for the vehicle being repaired provides more detailed search results, with the menu options narrowed by the selected make, year, model and engine/transmission RPOs for the given VIN.

Next, select the desired Labor Code to view the corresponding Service Information. All Labor Codes associated with the specific part number will be available. (Fig. 4)


Fig. 4


Once a Labor Code is selected, a list of service procedures associated with that Global Labor Code will be displayed along with the SI document ID and any available add-on title information. (Fig. 5)  From here, users can click the Service Information link to launch the SI application and display the selected service procedure, or select the Global Labor Code to view the labor time data. If there is not an active Service Information session, it will be necessary to sign in.


Fig. 5


Single Use Parts

The latest Global EPC update includes several additional ways to help identify single use parts when searching and ordering parts.

In the parts illustration, look for the circled callouts (Fig. 6, A) to find single use parts. The single use icon is shown at the top of the illustration. (Fig. 6, B)

In the parts list, the single use + icon (Fig. 6, C) is shown for any part number that is linked to a service procedure that has single use parts.

Hovering over the icon will display a tool tip stating the service procedure includes single use parts. Clicking the icon will display the Labor tab on the Part Details dialog.

In the Description column of the parts list, single use parts are designated with the text “SINGLE USE.” (Fig. 6, D)


Fig. 6


The single use icon (Fig. 7, left icon) identifies a single use part while the single use + icon (Fig 7, right icon) indicates there are multiple single use parts in the service procedure.


Fig. 7


Switching Views

After selecting a Labor Code from the Part Details dialog, new radio buttons can be selected that will switch the parts list grid between Labor-Time data and Single Use Parts data. (Fig. 8) Clicking the Single Use Parts button will show the single use parts for the selected Global Labor Code.


Fig. 8


For questions or support when using the Global EPC, contact Snap-on support at 1-888-994-6372.


– Thanks to Mary Daly


Updated October 20, 2021

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  1. Single use parts are called out in SI with the trash can and are listed at the beginning of the procedure. In the EPC, the word Single Use is in the description, which when selected in the illustration will put a blue circle around the part callout identifying it as Single Use. This enhancement is being implemented with newer models first and then later model years.

  2. chad roberts says:

    Will the single use parts be called out in SI for the technicians to use as a quick reference?

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