Charge Air Cooler Icing During Extreme Cold Weather

When driving in extreme cold weather conditions (0°F or less / -18°C or less), a winter grille cover should be installed on 2019-2022 XT4 models equipped with the 2.0L turbo engine (RPO LSY). The winter grille cover is needed to prevent any possible charge air cooler icing in extremely cold temperatures. Ice accumulation may restrict air flow, resulting in a loss of power, hesitation on acceleration and other poor performance conditions. Any ice accumulation should be allowed to melt so that moisture can be drained from the induction system, including the charge air cooler, without component damage.

The winter grille cover (Fig. 18) is included on 2022 model year vehicles equipped with the engine block heater (RPO K03). It’s recommended to review the installation and removal procedure for the winter grille cover with customers. Installation information is included in the grille cover instruction sheet and the Owner’s Manual.


Fig. 18


Cover Installation

A one-time installation of the grille cover is covered under warranty for up to 12 months after vehicle delivery for 2022 models. For 2019-2021 models, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-229.

During the first installation of the cover, it may appear that the cover is undersized. The special vinyl used for the cover will stretch during installation, yet will provide a tight fit.

Before installing the grille cover, be sure to clean the front surface of the vehicle. The grille cover also should be warm when installing it. During installation, the center lower plastic clips should be engaged first. Make sure all clips remain engaged during installation. (Fig. 19)


Fig. 19


The winter grille cover should only be used in extreme cold weather and should be removed when the winter season changes (temperatures above 0°F / -18°C).

TIP: If the winter grille cover is missing at PDI, order the winter grille cover following the information in Bulletin #21-NA-233.

For more details, including winter grille cover ordering information, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-233.


– Thanks to Chris Semanisin

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