Wrinkle in Hood Stripe or Hood Wrap

A wrinkle or bubble may be seen in the stripe decal or hood wrap around the outer edges of the hood air scoop on some 2019-2022 Camaro models. (Fig. 17)


Fig. 17


The wrinkle or bubble may be caused by the edges on the bottom of the hood air scoop pressing deep into the stripe or hood wrap, causing air pockets to form over time. (Fig. 18)


Fig. 18


To correct the wrinkle or bubble condition, first remove the hood air scoop from the hood. (Fig. 19) The hood air extractor water deflector must be removed before the hood air scoop. Follow the procedures under Hood Air Scoop Replacement (ZL1 with A1Y) in the appropriate Service Information.


Fig. 19


Place the removed hood scoop facing downward and locate the inner and outer tuning ribs. (Fig. 20)


Fig. 20


Use sandpaper to sand down the ribs. (Fig. 21) For additional clearance between the air scoop and the hood, add an extra layer of foam tape on top of the existing tape.


Fig. 21


Next, remove the decal striping or wrap from the hood. A new stripe or hood wrap will need to be installed.

TIP: Before wrapping the edges where the hood air scoop is mounted, mix a chemical solution with 70% Isopropyl alcohol that is mixed to a ratio of 25% alcohol to 75% water. Use the solution to spray the adhesive side and then wrap it over the edges to help provide extra adhesion.

Once the new striping or hood wrap is installed, wait 30 minutes to allow for curing before reinstalling the hood air scoop.

The Camaro 1LE hood wrap must be installed by a certified “wrap” technician. If your dealership/body shop does not have a certified installer, contact Kay Automotive Graphics for information about local certified installers near your dealership. Refer to Bulletin #20-NA-168 for more information about servicing the 1LE hood wrap.

For additional repair information, including part numbers, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-290.


– Thanks to Kurt Hoezee

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