Brake Fluid Leak in the Center of the Vehicle

There may be a brake fluid leak at the center of some 2018-2019 Express and Savana vans. There also may be a tapping or knocking sound heard during turns.

These conditions may be the result of the rear brake lines coming into contact with the center body mount. (Fig. 4) Rear brake line clearances vary based on the uplifter build and body mounts used. However, when installing the brake line, a clearance of 3/4 inch (19 mm) should be maintained from all moving or vibrating components.

Fig. 4

If a fluid leak is present, replace the brake pipe section and correct the brake line routing. (Fig. 5) Refer to Brake Pipe Replacement in the appropriate Service Information. It may be necessary to remove the fuel tank to gain access to the brake lines.

Fig. 5

During installation, the lines should be moved rearward approximately 3 5/8ths (92 mm) from the body mount. (Fig. 6)

Fig. 6

For more information and part numbers, refer to Bulletin #22-NA-061.

– Thanks to Matt Singer

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