Exhaust Heat Shield Rattle

A rattle sound from under the vehicle while driving may be heard on some 2021-2023 Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500HD/3500HD, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500HD/3500HD, Yukon, Escalade; and 2022 Silverado LTD and Sierra Limited models. The rattle sound may be due to loose or missing exhaust underbody heat shield retainer clips. (Fig. 6) The exhaust heat shields are used to protect the body and other components from damage due to heat from the exhaust system.


Fig. 6


Updated retainer clips are now available. The new blue retainer clips should be installed and tightened by hand until the heat shield is secured into position. (Fig. 7)


Fig. 7


TIP: There are different retainer clip part numbers for Silverado/Sierra light-duty applications, Silverado/Sierra HD applications, and SUV applications.

Refer to #PIT5926A for more details, including part numbers for each application.

– Thanks to Scott Fibranz


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