New Look and Functionality for the New Year

You’ve probably noticing that the GM TechLink website has a new look. It’s part of our efforts to continually update and revise TechLink in order to add to its functionality and ease of use for technicians, service consultants and other dealership service department personnel.

Along with the new look, the site has been reorganized with resources that may have been overlooked now presented in several menus at the top of the page, including several tool job aids and the latest engine oil charts.

The search function has been updated with search result summaries presented in an easy-to-review format.

Plus, the new Tags function will be used to categorize more articles and provide links to them all on one page. Currently, the Tools tag offers links to some of our tool reviews and related tool articles.

Finally, the printable PDF versions that summarize all articles still continue to be available in the PDF archive.

We’re always looking for more ways to help you get the latest information you need in the dealership service department. If you have a suggestion for an article or a question on a topic we’ve covered, drop us a note by clicking the What Would You Like to See? link.

– Thanks to Lisa Scott and Mark Spencer

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