Download the Latest AFIT Software Update

The latest software update for the CH-47976 Active Fuel Injector Tester (AFIT) is now available for download.

The software release — free of charge to GM dealerships — updates several aspects of the AFIT diagnostic tool:

  • 20 new vehicles and two vehicle updates
  • Database support for new vehicles that use existing cables
  • Database support for new vehicles that use in-line adapters
  • Database support for new vehicles that are now using SENT
  • Database support for new vehicles that now feature an automatic engine Stop/Start system (KL9)
  • Firmware update to support new G6 Cable and special crank procedure for certain applications covered in the Service Information

In addition, the software release continues to support the SIDI and Duramax diesel engine applications that use essential SIDI adapter harnesses and available Duramax adapter harnesses.


Software Download

The AFIT software update (CH-47976-240) is available from the GM Dealer Equipment website. (Fig. 2) Download the software through the Service Workbench selection of “Essential Tools – Software Updates” in GM GlobalConnect (U.S. only). Open the file and follow the instructions.

In Canada, the software is available for download through the Service Application selection of GM Special Tools & Equipment – Software Updates in GM GlobalConnect.

Fig. 2

For questions regarding the software release, contact Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Technical Support at 1-800-GM-TOOLS (1-800-468-6657).

– Thanks to Chuck Berecz

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