Correct Oil Filter Use on 1.4L and 1.8L Engines

The 1.4L engine (RPO LUV) and 1.8L engine (RPO LWE) available in 2013-2018 Encore, Sonic, Trax; 2016 Cruze (VIN P); and 2013-2015 Cruze models use two different oil filters. Two suppliers provide the oil filter adapter housing assembly and each adapter housing assembly requires a different oil filter. It’s critical to engine operation that the correct oil filter be used for the oil filter adapter housing application. The adapter insert also must be properly retained during an oil change.

In addition to using the VIN to identify the correct vehicle in the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC), also look for the following characteristics of each specific oil filter.


Oil Filter PF2257G

ACDelco filter PF2257G identification: (Fig. 17)

  1. No ribs
  2. Felt-style gasket/seal
  3. Supplier name: Hengst
  4. Bypass valve in housing insert

Fig. 17

Oil filter housing identification for ACDelco filter PF2257G: (Fig. 18)

  1. Black cap
  2. Supplier name: Hengst
  3. Smooth circumference of housing

Fig. 18


Oil Filter PF2263G

ACDelco filter PF2263G identification: (Fig. 19)

  1. Bypass valve in filter
  2. 4 spacers/ribs
  3. O-ring-style gasket/seal
  4. Supplier name: UFI

Fig. 19

Oil filter housing identification for ACDelco filter PF2263G: (Fig. 20)

  1. Dark brown cap
  2. Supplier name: UFI
  3. Ribbed circumference of housing

Fig. 20

For part number and usage, see Filter Kit, Oil in Group 01.836 in the EPC.


– Thanks to Jeff Kropp


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