Incorrect Object Sensor Module Operation

Some 2018 Encore models equipped with Side Blind Zone Alert (RPO UFT, Side Active Safety–Obstacle Detection) may have a warning alert (Fig. 6) appear in the side mirror when there is not a vehicle present in the side blind zone area.

Fig. 6

The incorrect notification may be caused by unwanted radar reflection being detected by the Side Object Sensor Module. (Fig. 7) Most radar reflections may be worse on the driver’s side (left side) of the vehicle.

Fig. 7

The Side Object Sensor Modules are located on each side of the vehicle behind the rear fascia. The sensors use radar to determine the presence of objects nearby. The Side Object Sensor Module – Left is the master that communicates on the vehicle serial data bus. There is a private serial data bus between the left and right sensors. The scan tool is able to communicate only with the left sensor. The sensors are unique and are not interchangeable from side to side. The Side Object Sensor Module – Right controls both side blind zone indicators located on the left and right side mirrors.

TIP: The Side Blind Zone Alert system can be turned on/off in the Settings menu on the infotainment system. Go to Settings > Vehicle > Collision/Detection Systems > Side Blind Zone Alert.

If the Side Blind Zone Alert system is not working properly, apply a piece of aluminum butyl tape to the bottom of the Side Object Sensor Module on the driver’s side of the vehicle. The lower area of the module must be completely covered, including the wiring harness anchor point, to avoid unwanted radar reflections being detected.

To apply the aluminum butyl tape, separate the wiring harness from the anchor point under the module and clean the bottom of the module and fascia using Acrysol or equivalent.

The butyl tape should be 3.5 inches wide with a relief cut in the middle of the tape for the reflector mount. (Fig. 8) Pre-install the butyl tape to check for alignment to the reflector mount before peeling the backing off the tape.

Fig. 8

Apply the butyl tape to the bottom of the module (Fig. 9, #1) and fascia, making sure the area is completely covered, including around the reflector mount (Fig. 9, #2) and the wiring harness anchor point. (Fig. 9, #3)

Fig. 9

After applying the butyl tape, check the operation of the Side Blind Zone Alert system. The system is designed to detect objects in an area approximately between 1.5 feet (0.5 m) and 6 feet (2 m) off the ground. The Side Blind Zone Alert monitors the blind spot area along the side the vehicle, approximately 11 feet (3.5 m) from the side of the vehicle, extending 16 feet (5 m) behind the mid-point of the vehicle. The Lane Change Alert detection zone extends to 230 feet (70 m) behind the vehicle.


– Thanks to Frank Jakubiec

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