Updated Battery Part Numbers and CCA Chart

GM has released an updated Original Equipment Batteries Part Number chart for use when testing batteries using the EL-50313 GR8 Battery Tester/Charger. The chart includes cold cranking amperage (CCA) ratings and identifies the type of battery. Refer to the latest version of Bulletin #15-06-03-002 for more information.

Correct battery CCA ratings and battery type are critical for proper test results when using the EL-50313. Access to the battery specification label, which contains the OEM part number and CCA rating and type, may be difficult without removing the battery. Use the updated chart for the ratings and part numbers needed to set up a proper battery test.

TIP: Print the battery chart and keep it with your EL-50313 Battery Tester/Charger as a quick reference during battery testing. (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7


Electronic Parts Catalog Part Numbers

If a battery needs to be replaced, the correct ACDelco battery warranty replacement in the Electronic Parts Catalog is designated by the “Original Equipment Replacement” note in the description field. Bulletin #15-06-03-002L has additional details about how to provide feedback on battery part numbers.


Battery Testing

When testing batteries:

  • Select “Out of Vehicle” when setting up the test.
  • Disconnect both of the battery cables from the battery. The battery does not need to be removed from the vehicle.
  • Connect the EL-50313 directly to the battery terminal posts.
  • Select the correct SAE CCA. The battery should be close to room temperature and not frozen.
  • Select the proper battery type; Flooded, AGM, or Stop/Start AGM (AUX12 Battery).

The proper battery type must be selected to prevent battery damage and ensure correct test results.

When an automotive 12V battery is cold (below freezing), its capacity starts to be reduced. The capacity can be observed in the voltage level of the battery, as well as measured cold cranking amps. A cold battery is also resistant to charging. The colder the battery, the more these characteristics are affected. Depending how cold a battery is, it can fail testing using any type of battery test equipment, including the EL-50313 (GR8). A cold battery should be warmed to a temperature above 4°C (40°F) prior to testing.

– Thanks to Gary McCraw


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  1. how about a new one its 2 years later already


  3. It’s a spreadsheet, how hard is it to develop? It would be helpful to have access to this information somehow.

  4. Symon jones says:

    Car battery charts
    Ampage book

  5. The updated battery chart is still in development, pending available information.

  6. Has this list been updated yet to reflect 19’s and 20’s

  7. Please update this to reflect 2019 vehicles. It’s almost 2020 and this is a very useful tool.

  8. Jim Hoffmann says:

    So we are MAY of 2019. Will the list be updated for 2019 and 2020 ????


    Will the chart on here be updated to reflect 2019 MY any time soon? Our techs are getting a bit annoyed not having an easy access sheet or chart for 2019 PDIs. Unfortunately for whatever reason, 15-06-03-002 no longer has a chart in it.

  10. A PDF of the Battery Ratings Chart is available under the Reference Charts menu.

  11. How can this chart be printed?

  12. The 2019 battery information is not yet available. Refer to Bulletin #15-06-03-002 for the latest information.

  13. Stuart Caddy says:

    Do you have the 2019 updated battery cca chart?

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