New Wireless Charging System Retrofit Kit

Customers who have upgraded to a new smartphone may no longer be able to wirelessly charge their device in some 2015-2016 ELR; 2015-2017, Volt, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Escalade; 2015-2018 Colorado, Cruze, Canyon, ATS, CTS, XTS; 2016-2017 Silverado, Sierra; 2016-2018 Camaro, Impala, Malibu, CT6; 2017-2018 Bolt EV, LaCrosse, XT5; and 2018 Equinox and Regal models equipped with the Inductive Portable Wireless Charger (RPO K4C) or Accessory Charger (RPO 5ZI)

The first generation (Gen I) wireless charging system in these models may not be compatible with the latest smartphones. (Fig. 1) Before attempting any repairs on the wireless charging system, check the compatibility of the smartphone.

A new Gen II wireless charging retrofit kit is now available to accommodate the latest smartphones.

Fig. 1


Device Compatibility

The GM inductive wireless charging system is not intended to accommodate all devices that feature inductive charging. Refer to Bulletin #17-NA-142 for more information about wireless charging phone compatibility. An applicability table is regularly updated on the Chevrolet Owner Center.

In addition, some devices have dimensions that are beyond the design-targeted dimensions. Any device/case combination that is outside the following dimensions may not work or work only intermittently:

Height – Min: 120 mm, Max: 144 mm

Width – Min: 60 mm, Max: 73 mm


New Gen II System Kit

The new Gen II wireless charging retrofit kit, part number 84526978, is now available to GM dealerships. Upgrading the system to the Gen II kit is a customer-pay repair. It is not covered under warranty.

First verify the Gen I inductive charging system is operating as intended and the customer’s smartphone is compatible.

The Gen II wireless charging system is compatible with the latest smartphones and is intended to wirelessly charge without a phone protective cover. Due to the various sizes and styles of protective covers, all phones with a cover installed may not wirelessly charge.

TIP: The upgrade to the Gen II wireless charging system will not change the dimensions of the charging pocket or pad. If a customer’s phone does not fit in the Gen I wireless charging configuration, it also will not fit in the Gen II system.

The retrofit kit includes a Gen II wireless charging module and a service jumper harness for “plug and play” installation. Refer to Bulletin #18-NA-153 for additional parts information as well as model and model year applications. Some models may require modifications and/or additional parts to accommodate the installation of the Gen II system.

For the 2019 model year, all GM models that offer wireless charging will be equipped with the Gen II system.


Inductive Charging Test Tool

The EL-51755 Inductive Charging Test Tool (Fig. 2) can be used to verify charging system operation in a vehicle. There is no need to remove the rubber sleeve from the pocket or pad for testing. An updated sleeve also was shipped to dealerships to ensure proper positioning of the tool in all inductive charging applications.

To verify the operation of the charging system, simply position the tool on the charging pad or in the charging pocket. If the tool’s wireless charging indicator is on, the charging system is operating properly and any charging concern may be caused by an incompatible or defective mobile device. If the charging indicator is off, continue diagnosis using the appropriate Service Information.

Fig. 2

– Thanks to Bob Wittmann and Leo Gruzas

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