Properly Connect Sensors during Air Distributor Case Replacement

Some 2016-2017 Envision models may have warm air blowing through the rear HVAC vents when the air conditioning is commanded on. If this condition is found, the auxiliary temperature valve inside the A/C distributor case may be fractured, with the pivot for the temperature valve pulled away from the actuator motor. (Fig. 9, #2)

Fig. 9

Verify the temperature valve is working properly. If the rear A/C vents are blowing warm air, replace the A/C distributor case. If the temperate valve is working correctly, refer to the appropriate Service Information to continue system diagnostics.

When replacing the A/C distributor case, mark each of the temperature sensor wires and note their location prior to removal to avoid incorrectly connecting the replacement case. The wire harness length makes it possible for the temperature sensor connectors to be plugged into the wrong sensor. If the wires are connected to the wrong sensor, the passenger side vents may blow warm air.

The upper Duct Air Temperature (DAT) sensor has a purple/black wire. (Fig. 10, A) The Evaporator Air Temperature (EAT) sensor has a gray/black wire. (Fig. 10, B) Confirm the wire color to ensure the wires are plugged into the correct location.

Fig. 10

– Thanks to Kris Villegas

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