Low Air Conditioning Refrigerant Charge or Leak

Some 2017-2018 Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra, Yukon models and Escalade models may have a low refrigerant charge or a refrigerant leak. As a result, the air conditioning system will be inoperative or have insufficient cooling performance.

If this condition is found, inspect the receiver/dehydrator plug (Fig. 5, #2) at the bottom of the desiccant tube (Fig. 5, #1) on the driver’s side of the condenser. Dye is usually evident at the plug connection. (Fig. 6)

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

If there are signs of leaking, replace the A/C receiver/dehydrator plug assembly. (Fig. 7) Dye will appear more prominent on high mileage vehicles and on systems with more severe leaks. Dye will be more difficult to see on low mileage vehicles. Dye should not be found at the blind coupler or tube connections with this condition.

When replacing the plug assembly, apply a light coating of A/C oil to the O-rings prior to installing the assembly.

Fig. 7

TIP: Depending on vehicle A/C usage, the leak may not be visible as dye may not have circulated through the A/C system. The A/C system may need to be recharged and dye added before a test drive is performed to circulate the dye through the A/C system.

Refer to Bulletin #18-NA-156 for additional information and part numbers.

– Thanks to Scott Fibranz

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