Latest Global EPC Update Provides Search Enhancements

The latest update to the GM Global Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) includes several new features that make it easier to find the right parts, including new compliance alerts, better alignment between supplemental groups and illustrations, language search enhancements, and more consistent date formats. GM dealerships can access the EPC through the GM GlobalConnect Parts Workbench.


Compliance Alerts

To help dealerships comply with California’s Proposition 65, users will see a warning icon next to parts that contain chemicals that are known carcinogens. Select the icon to open the Part Details window with the full text of the warning. (Fig. 14)

Fig. 14


Group to Illustration Alignment

To make it easier to find the right part fast, the updated Illustration Index lists only the illustrations for the specific supplemental group that is selected. For example, selecting Group 04 – Transfer Case only lists illustrations for the transfer case group, not all illustrations for Group 04, which also includes brakes and transmissions. (Fig. 15)

Fig. 15


Search Enhancements

Narrowed information is now retained in a search when search filters are changed. In the past, the narrowed information was lost when the filter was changed. For example, after turning off the Year filter, the search results will include parts from all years, but will still show only those that match the narrowed entry. (Fig. 16)

Fig. 16

In addition, part names with accented characters in French or Spanish will be shown in the results list regardless if the search term included the accent.


Date Formats

The last update to the EPC included with the latest release is that all dates within the EPC application are now displayed consistently in the same DD-MMM-YYYY format (e.g., 22-May-2018).

For assistance or technical support on using any features of the Global Electronic Parts Catalog, send an email to or contact the GM EPC Technical Support help desk at 1-888-994-6372.


– Thanks to Mary Daly

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