Rear Compartment Water Leak May Lead to Electrical Issues

Water may be found in the rear compartment well on some 2018-2019 Regal Sportback models. There also may be several electrical conditions, including an incorrect front passenger airbag on/off indicator, poor microphone and OnStar functionality, faulty interior lighting, and improper sunroof operation.

The electrical conditions may be due to water entering the rear compartment area through an improperly installed rear liftgate wiring harness grommet. (Fig. 6) Water may be bypassing the grommet and running down the harness onto the X400/X401 connectors. Inspect the connectors for corrosion.

Fig. 6

The liftgate and body-side grommets on the left and right side of the liftgate should be checked to ensure the grommets are installed and sealing properly. (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7

In addition, look for any inadvertent sealant deposited under the grommet boot sealing surface. (Fig. 8) If any excess sealant is found, remove it before reinstalling the grommet.

Fig. 8

– Thanks to Lori Brohl

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