2019 TechLink Survey

1. What is your position in the dealership?
2. TechLink articles are posted twice a month. How often do you visit the TechLink website?
3. How do you access TechLink?
4. How would you rate the coverage of GM service news on TechLink?
5. How would you rate the coverage of new model features and new components?
6. How would you rate the coverage of essential tools and special service tools?
7. How would you rate the coverage of specific repairs from bulletins and preliminary information?
8. How would you rate the coverage of programming and other Techline-related information?
9. Which of the following topics would you like to see covered more?
10. The TechLink website was redesigned in 2019. How would you rate the use, readability and organization of the new format?
11. The TechLink website has several new columns and features on the Home page. Which of the following features do you use most?
12. How much coverage of new programs and applications, such as Techline Connect, would you like to see?
13. Would you like to see more special charts compiling various information (Oil Capacities, Battery Ratings, etc.), such as those currently under the Resources tab?
14. Every TechLink article provides the opportunity to leave a comment about the topic. How often do you comment on an article?
15. Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with TechLink?
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