UPDATE: Navigation System SD Card for 2019 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500

2019 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models equipped with infotainment system RPO IOT (Fig. 1) are the only models that will have an SD card for the navigation system. There is not an SD card for infotainment system RPOs IOR and IOS because they do not have embedded navigation systems.

Fig. 1

In response to dealership feedback, the assembly plant no longer places the navigation SD card separately in the Loose Items bag.

On vehicles built prior to October 8, 2018, the navigation SD card was placed in a smaller bag labeled Keys (Fig. 2), which was included inside the Loose Items bag.

On vehicles built on October 8, 2018 or later, the SD card is installed in the SD card slot before the vehicle leaves the assembly plant.

Fig. 2

In addition, the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Form Special Instruction Items section has been revised to point out the inclusion of the navigation SD card, how it is shipped, and that it should be inserted into the SD card slot. (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3

During PDI, confirm the SD card is installed into the SD card slot in the center console or the center of the instrument panel below the climate controls. The vehicle ignition must be off when removing or installing the SD card.

If the navigation SD card is not inserted into the SD slot, the infotainment system may display an SD card error message. Do not remove the SD card during the same ignition cycle. If an error message is displayed across ignition cycles, follow the appropriate Service Information.


– Thanks to Dave MacGillis

Updated November 2, 2018


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  1. The SD Nav card is absolutely available. It’s GM P/N 84528704. These come from the parts catalog, not from gmnavdisc.com.

  2. Nick Gileste says:

    We’re trying to order a replacement, but per the parts manager and gmnavdisc.com replacement sd cards aren’t available. Where can we get a replacement asap? Thank you!