Hard-to-Close Rear Door or Rattle Sound

The rear door may be hard to close on some 2015-2017 Colorado and Canyon extended cab models. In addition, there may be a rattle sound from the lower rear door area and a Rear Door Ajar message may be displayed on the Driver Information Center (DIC).

If these conditions are found, the rear door lower striker (Fig. 16) may be out of position.

Fig. 16

To correct these conditions, first verify which rear door is causing the conditions and verify the front door is adjusted properly. Adjusting the rear door lower striker will address a hard to close door condition, but additional diagnosis will be necessary if the doors are misaligned.

Next, loosen the two bolts on the lower rear striker and adjust the striker. (Fig. 17) The striker can be adjusted by shutting the door repeatedly or by tapping the striker with a mallet after the bolts have been loosened. The anchor plate allows +/– 3.0 mm fore/aft and cross-car adjustment.

Fig. 17

When adjusting the striker, use care to not scratch the painted area surrounding the striker.

After making the necessary adjustments, tighten the two bolts on the lower rear striker to 24 Nm (18 lb.-ft.). Verify that the door properly closes fully.


– Thanks to Charles Hensley

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