Intermittent ABS Light on Express and Savana Vans

The Antilock Brake System (ABS) light may illuminate intermittently and a Service StabiliTrak message may be displayed on some 2018 Express and Savana vans equipped with dual rear wheels (RPO R05) (Fig. 16). DTC C0050 Sym 0F (Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Signal Erratic) also may be set.

Fig. 16

Follow the published diagnostic procedure in the appropriate Service Information for DTC C0050 Sym 0F.

TIP: The inboard axle shaft-mounted wheel speed sensors, sensor retainers and bolts, sensor rings and ring retainers are unique to the updated 11.5 HD dual rear wheel axle. These components are mounted inboard near the differential (Fig. 17), rather than near the wheel ends of the axle tubes as on other axle models. The Wheel Speed Sensor Ring is attached to the differential adjuster with a clip type retainer.

Fig. 17

If the condition is not corrected after following the normal diagnostics, ask the customer if the conditions only occur after driving on rumble strips on the right side of the road.

Do not perform any additional repairs for these conditions. For more information, refer to PIT5623A.


– Thanks to Scott Fibranz

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