Global Wiring Harness Repair Strategy and Parts Information Update

GM’s global repair strategy for large wiring harnesses (body, engine, instrument panel, forward lamp, headliner, and truck chassis) is to repair/replace the components (cables, terminals, connectors, etc.) instead of replacing the harness. The repair strategy was developed to help reduce repair costs while reducing squeak and rattle conditions.

GM Customer Care and Aftersales (CCA) has released all required components to repair these harnesses. For connectors that have 8 cavities or less, a fully populated pigtail with the correct DuraSeal splice is available. For all connectors that have 9 cavities or greater, a connector kit, DuraSeal splices and terminated leads are available. If a terminal happens to be a legacy part that is already available in the J-38125 Terminal Repair Kit (Fig. 7), it is called out in the Service Information.

For smaller harnesses (door, seat, steering column, etc.), the repair strategy is to replace the harness.


Terminal Repair Kit

Fig. 7

TIP: To download an electronic copy of the J-38125 Terminal Repair Kit Instruction Manual, go to the GM Center of Learning website at If you have enrolled in a course that provides the manual as a resource (for example, 18043.04H-R2 – Electrical/Electronics Terminals and Connectors), it will be available under the Resources tab. In Canada, look in the Reference Library under Service in GM GlobalConnect.


Part Numbers in Service Information (SI)

The Connector End View section of the Service Information is the source for part number information. (Fig. 8) The part information is found just below the connector end view drawing (Fig. 9) and is presented two ways — the legacy format typically associated with TIFF viewer-supported graphics and the new format typically associated with the new CGM viewer-supported graphics.


Fig. 8


Fig. 9


For larger connectors (9 cavities or greater) (Fig. 10), the Service Information shows the connector kit (Fig. 11) and the terminated leads. (Fig. 12)

Fig. 10


Fig. 11


Fig. 12


As they are developed, videos will be added to show how to probe and/or release the terminals from the connector. (Fig. 13)

Fig. 13


Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) Information

Starting with the 2018 model year, all connector kits, pigtails, and terminated leads are called out by book code and model year in the EPC. (Fig. 14) Updates to the EPC will allow better searchability for wiring repair components. In addition, pictures are being added to the EPC for these parts to help in ordering the correct wire component.

Battery cables, infotainment cables and hoses also are listed in the EPC.

Fig. 14


TXL Wire

Use TXL wire to maintain factory specifications for wire harness integrity. TXL wire is available through the Customer Care and Aftersales parts catalog within the Chemical Catalog section. In the EPC, find TXL wire in the Chemicals – Fuses – Wire – book section.


– Thanks to Scott Cartwright

Updated September 27, 2018

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  1. Those terminals are no longer used per connector bulletin 59. The replacement parts are: Terminated Lead: 19300627 (Aptiv 12191811) Wire size: 0.5mm2 – replaces 8240-0127, and 13575735 (Aptiv 12191812) Wire size: 1.25mm2 – replaces 8240-0128.

  2. We need to order Sumitomo terminals 8240-0127 and 824-0128. I cant find them on the Gm special service tools web site,and the help number not helpful. It cant be ordered through part dept because its not a GM part number. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. In the EPC, select a model and model year, and search for TXL. The results will show the TXL wire that is available. It is group 08.966.


  5. John Conroy says:

    TXL wire is in group 8.966 in the EPC

  6. Hello,I am having trouble locating part numbers and supplier for TXL wire.I found it before.

  7. TXL wire spools are available from ACDelco, along with product details that include the GM part number. Wire is located in the Prime Group 08.966. If you are looking for a specific vehicle, it will be under Model Q – Chemicals-Fuses-Wires-Bulbs.

  8. Larry Berger says:

    The instructions for locating the Terminals and Connectors Reference Manual is not correct for the new Center of Learning. Technicians may or may not have it available under their resources tab. I personally did not have it available until I enrolled in the Electrical Terminals and Connectors hands-on course.

  9. michael d dinneen says:

    I guess I am missing something, but I see here it says TXL wire will be cataloged now in the EPC? I still do not see it?