New Product Features and Information

2019 GM models feature a variety of technology and new systems that may be unfamiliar to technicians and service consultants in GM dealerships. Following are several videos highlighting new features to help in understanding how the systems work, proper operation, and different settings. This information will help service department personnel become familiar with a new vehicle systems in order to ensure correct operation and enhance customer satisfaction while reducing unnecessary repairs and diagnostic time.


Tire Pressure Alert

Tire Pressure Alert, or Tire Fill Alert, works with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System to provide visual and audible alerts outside the vehicle when inflating a tire to the recommended cold tire pressure. The video covers system operation and the meaning of the different indicators on the 2019 Silverado 1500. The system also is available on many other GM models.



Trailer App Overview

The Sierra Pro Grade Trailering System and Chevrolet Advanced Trailering System available on the 2019 Sierra 1500 and Silverado 1500 includes an all-new trailering app that features a pre-departure checklist, maintenance reminders, trailer light test, trailer electrical diagnostics and available trailer tire pressure and temperature monitoring. The video presents an overview of the app and some of its key features.


MultiPro Tailgate

The GMC MultiPro Tailgate features an innovative tailgate design that incorporates six distinct functions, increasing accessibility to make loading and unloading easier. The video covers tailgate operation and configuration.

Service Know-How
New Medium-Duty Truck Essential Tools Shipped to Dealerships

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