Engine Tick or Squeak Noise

Some 2011-2015 Volt; 2011-2016 Cruze; 2012-2019 Sonic; 2013-2019 Encore, Trax; and 2014-2017 ELR models equipped with the 1.4L 4-cylinder engine (RPOs LUV, LUU) (Fig. 17) may have a tick or squeak noise from the upper engine area.

Fig. 17


Prior to performing intrusive engine mechanical testing or component replacement, check for loose or improperly torqued spark plugs. (Fig. 18) A spark plug that is not torqued to specification may generate a tick or squeak noise that may be difficult to isolate.

The spark plug torque specification on the 1.4L engine (RPOs LUV, LUU) for the identified models is 25 Nm/18 lb. ft.

Fig. 18


– Thanks to Raymond Haglund



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