Wheelhouse Liner Interference

A rubbing or popping sound coming from the front of the vehicle while making a sharp turn at low speeds may be heard on some 2019 Blazer models. One or both of the front wheelhouse liners may be contacting the steering gear assembly boot during turns. (Fig. 19)

Fig. 19


To create more clearance and eliminate the interference, reposition the bottom of both front wheelhouse liners.

With the vehicle raised, turn the left front wheel fully to the right and loosen the two bottom wheelhouse liner screws enough to reposition the liner. (Fig. 20)

Fig. 20


Push the molded bottom lip of the liner upward to achieve at least 8 mm (0.315 in.) of clearance to the steering wheel boot. (Fig. 21) While holding the wheelhouse liner in the new position, tighten the two bottom screws to 22 lb.-in.

Fig. 21


Repeat the same procedure with the right front wheelhouse liner.


– Thanks to Kris Villegas

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