New Diagnostic Charge Battery Station Available Soon

The next generation Diagnostic Charge Battery Station (DCBS), available beginning in July 2019 from GM Dealer Equipment, promises to make battery testing faster and easier. Integrating the latest technology, the DCBS will be able to perform comprehensive battery diagnostic services in less than 20 minutes. The new DCBS (Fig. 4) will be replacing the EL-50313 Midtronics GR8 Battery Tester/Charger currently offered through GM Dealer Equipment.


Fig. 4


The GR8 and the new DCBS are the only units that are capable of producing battery warranty codes when required and GM will continue to accept codes for warranty claims from both units. The warranty code is required for all warranty claims for battery replacement to help in analyzing battery failures and improve product quality.

The new DCBS uses the latest technology to increase the performance, versatility and accuracy needed for battery testing and diagnosis.


Comprehensive Diagnostics

The DCBS features:

  • Comprehensive battery diagnostic services using a smart logic test sequence to produce in-depth test results for lead acid, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) batteries. Plus, it tops off the battery when deemed a good battery.
  • Integrated GM vehicle database with the battery specifications for GM vehicles to speed up the diagnostic process
  • Rapid vehicle identification that offers the capability to read and translate 1D barcodes and 2D QR codes
  • Integrated ½ CCA load tester can manage load on 1500 CCA battery
  • Integrated reserve capacity (RC) tester for true RC measurement
  • Clean, conditioned and controlled power supply for control module calibration updates
  • Remote handheld diagnostic tester (rechargeable) can be used in the service lane while the unit is charging/maintaining a battery (Fig. 5)
  • Software updates that help ensure the latest data is being used (includes four free software updates per year)
  • Formatted for use in 28 different languages
  • Built-in 80 Amp power source (Capable of 100 Amp with proper power source)
  • Thermal IR Printer for printing service records/battery test results
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Mode to check/charge the battery on new vehicles received at the dealership
  • Cold battery detection and battery warming function
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable


Fig. 5


Service departments are encouraged to review their battery testing and charging equipment and determine how the new DCBS can help meet their needs today and in the future.

The current GR8 Battery Tester/Charger can still be used for warranty code generation. Servicing of the GR8 will continue through Midtronics for 2019.


Special Offer (U.S.)

As production of the new DCBS begins, GM Dealer Equipment is offering a promotional price that is $200 off the regular unit price for all advanced orders placed April 10 through July 31, 2019. (Fig. 6) Advanced orders will not be billed until units are shipped. DCBS orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received starting in July 2019.

Additionally, dealers may utilize their iMR- Service Lane Technology Fund for up to 100% reimbursement for all advanced orders placed during the promotional period.

For information or assistance in placing orders for the new DCBS, call 844-742-8471 or visit


Fig 6


– Thanks to Rob Kennedy

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