Pinched Instrument Panel Harness

Some 2019 Blazer models may have an illuminated air bag warning lamp on the instrument cluster and several Brake-related messages displayed on the Driver Information Center, including Service StabiliTrak, Service Park Brake, or Service Steering Assist messages. Any of the following DTCs also may be set: B101E, U0077, U0131, U0151, U0232, U0415, U0422, U1510, U2415, or any other communication codes.

These conditions may be due to the instrument panel wiring harness being pinched behind the center console metal side brace on the left side of the console (Fig. 23), resulting in a short condition. Remove the left side of the front floor console extension panel and inspect for the harness being pinched behind the vertical metal side brace.


Fig. 23

If the harness is pinched, repair the wiring as needed following the proper procedures in the appropriate Service Information. Ensure that the harness is not contacting the brake after making repairs.


– Thanks to Robert Halas

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