Vehicle Will Not Shift Out of Park

Some 2011-2015 Volt models and 2014-2016 ELR models may not shift out of Park. If this condition is present, there may be water intrusion in the X98 Hybrid/EV Battery Charger Receptacle (Fig. 21), which may cause the vehicle to determine that the charging cord is plugged in. When the charging cord is plugged in, the vehicle will not shift out of Park.


Fig. 21


Try to duplicate the condition. If the cause cannot be identified following the diagnostics in the appropriate Service Information, perform the following:

  1. Disable the high voltage system using SI Document ID 3610665
  2. Unplug the charger receptacle and check if the vehicle now can be shifted out of Park.
  3. If the condition is resolved, replace the Drive Motor Battery Charger Receptacle. Updated part numbers have been released. (Fig. 22)


Fig. 22


Refer to #PIC6366 for additional information and part numbers.


– Thanks to Paul Radzwilowicz

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