Tips for Performing Warranty Reprogramming Events

In order to ensure successful and complete repairs are made when reprogramming control modules, GM is now reviewing module reprogramming warranty claim information and comparing it to Service Programming System (SPS) reprogramming event data records. Comparison data between the two systems can help identify potential issues.

In some instances, minor errors made by technicians during the reprogramming process can lead to incorrect or incomplete repairs resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Some of the most common errors include:

  • Incorrect modules being reprogrammed
  • Incomplete service events; for example, a recall repair calls for three different modules to be reprogrammed, but the technician only reprograms one module
  • Incorrect or non-legible SPS Warranty Claim Codes being documented on the job card (repair order), which results in an invalid Warranty Claim Code being submitted with the warranty claim
  • Incorrect VINs being entered in SPS and programmed into the module


Steps to Successful Programming

When reprogramming a control module, be sure to follow these steps to help avoid any issues with the repair and related warranty claim.

  1. Correct VIN and Job Card – On the Validate Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) screen in SPS, make sure that the VIN displayed is complete, correct and matches the VIN plate on the vehicle. The job card (R.O.) number entered on the VIN screen also must match exactly with the job card number that is associated with the warranty transaction. (Fig. 1) Enter the complete job card number. For example, do not enter only 67932 if the job card number submitted to GM is 01-67932.


Fig. 1

  1. Supported Controllers – On the Supported Controllers screen in SPS, check to ensure that the correct control module is selected. (Fig. 2) If following a Service Bulletin, find the exact match for the controller code and description identified in the Service Bulletin. Be sure to reprogram the correct control module per the Service Bulletin procedure.


Fig. 2

  1. Programming and Setup – If a Service Bulletin calls for both programming a control module and module setup, both events must be completed during the repair. (Fig. 3) Document the SPS Warranty Claim Code on the job card (R.O.) for each event. Follow the current Bulletin carefully. Most Bulletins will only require the reprogramming event and not the setup event.


Fig. 3


  1. Warranty Claim Code – When reprogramming is complete, SPS provides a Warranty Claim Code. (Fig. 4) Be sure to correctly and legibly document the Warranty Claim Code on the job card (R.O.). SPS Warranty Claim Codes are alpha/numeric, but never include the letter O. The Warranty Claim Code on the job card must match the code on file in SPS in order to verify that the vehicle has been successfully reprogrammed and to process the warranty claim. Clearly document the Warranty Claim Code for each separate reprogramming event performed on the vehicle.


Fig. 4


  1. Same Calibration Message – If a reprogramming event is blocked because SPS has identified that the control module already has the correct calibration, document the Warranty Claim Code included from the SPS final instructions screen on the job card (R.O.). (Fig. 5) With select recall events, SPS will allow a programming event to continue if the correct calibration is detected. In this case, proceed with the reprogramming and document the Warranty Claim Code provided on the Action Complete screen in SPS on the job card.


Fig. 5


  1. Multiple Reprogramming Events – If a Service Bulletin calls for reprogramming more than one module, all reprogramming events must be completed. (Fig. 6) Document all Warranty Claim Codes provided in SPS after every successful programming event on the job card (R.O.). When the warranty claim is submitted, the SPS data records will be checked in order to validate that all reprogramming events have been completed. All required service procedures must be completed to process the warranty claim.


Fig. 6


  1. Retrieving Codes in SPS – A Warranty Claim Code that has not been documented properly on the job card (R.O.) or has been rejected as invalid can be retrieved in SPS. To retrieve the correct code associated with a reprogramming event (Fig. 7):
  1. Start SPS
  2. Select the Settings button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select the Warranty Claim Code tab
  4. Scroll through and locate the reprogramming event by VIN, date and module
  5. Document the correct Warranty Claim Code on the job card


Fig. 7

Tip Sheet PDF

The following PDF (Fig. 8) provides an easy-to-use review of the tips and important steps technicians must take when reprogramming a control module to help prevent any errors.

Fig 8

– Thanks to Patti Marino

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