Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump Performance

Some 2019 Malibu models equipped with the VT40 CVT automatic transmission (RPO MRG) may have an illuminated Check Engine lamp and the Automatic Engine Stop/Start system is not working. DTC P2797 (Auxiliary Transmission Fluid Pump Performance) may be set in the Transmission Control Module (TCM). These conditions may be the result of an internal failure in the auxiliary transmission fluid pump. (Fig. 24)

If DTC P2797 is the only code set, replace the auxiliary transmission fluid pump. If any other DTCs are set, follow the appropriate Service Information diagnostic procedures.


Fig. 24


When removing the auxiliary transmission fluid pump, grasp the turbine shaft and remove the forward clutch and pump assembly as one piece. Keep the clutch assembly inserted in the pump to protect the shaft seals so they will not need to be replaced. Disconnect the connector by sliding the connector lock up and then pressing on the tab to pull out the connector. Refer to Automatic Transmission Fluid Pump Removal in the Service Information.

For details on installing the auxiliary pump, refer to Transmission Fluid Pump Disassemble in the Service Information. The auxiliary pump comes from the Warranty Parts Center (WPC) with a “B” seal ring, item #162, already installed.

To order the auxiliary pump from the WPC, use the TSP Dealer Request Form on GlobalConnect.

Refer to #PIP5672 for additional information.


– Thanks to Terry Neuendorf


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