Lane Keep Assist Icon Missing from Instrument Cluster

The Lane Keep Assist icon may not appear on the instrument cluster on some 2019-2020 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models. In addition, the Lane Keep Assist switch LED indicator always stays illuminated, the Forward Collision Alert Gap switch is inoperative. The Forward Collision Alert and Forward Automatic Braking Alert icon (green car) will illuminate properly on the instrument cluster when a vehicle is detected ahead.

The incorrect icon operation and inoperative Forward Collision Alert Gap switch may be caused by the B174W Frontview Camera – Windshield Module not being configured properly after a Service Programming System (SPS) programming event.

Perform all programming and configuration procedures in the appropriate Service Information using SPS. Also perform the Frontview Camera Module Learn procedure in order to calibrate the Frontview Camera Module.

After programming, a current DTC may be set in the Frontview Camera – Windshield Module that is unable to be cleared. This is normal and an indicator that the Frontview Camera – Windshield Module is in Learn mode.

TIP: Anytime the Frontview Camera – Windshield Module is removed from its mount on the windshield (Fig. 15), including replacement of the module as well as any time the module is removed for diagnosis or windshield replacement, the Frontview Camera Module Learn procedure must be performed.


Fig. 15


When the correct driving conditions are met, the calibration process can be completed within 3–5 minutes. If conditions are not met, the Frontview Camera will continuously run the calibration until successfully completed. The calibration will work across ignition cycles and is not required to be re-initialized at start up. If the Lane Departure Warning switch is pressed during calibration, the Lane Departure Warning switch indictor will flash momentarily and then remain not illuminated.

The calibration procedure may start automatically after SPS programming is complete. If the calibration does not begin automatically after SPS programming or if any diagnostic procedure requires calibration to be performed, use a scan tool to begin the calibration procedure.


– Thanks to Paul Radzwilowicz

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