2020 Mark of Excellence Program Enrollment Now Open

For 20 years, the Mark of Excellence program (U.S.) has recognized the achievements of GM dealership personnel. (Fig. 6) Service technicians enrolled in the program can earn both recognition as well as a number of awards when they meet program qualifiers and other criteria.


Fig. 6


The enrollment period for the 2020 Mark of Excellence program is December 4 – December 20.

The 2020 Mark of Excellence program runs from January 3, 2020 through January 3, 2021.


New for 2020

In the 2020 program, service personnel have the opportunity to win a combination of earnPOWER points, service medallions, and Certified Service apparel as well as attend nationwide Service Award banquets and trips to Detroit.

In addition, there are several new aspects of the program:

  • FIRTFT (Fix It Right the First Time): Based on technician feedback, results for FIRTFT will now be calculated monthly, and the sum of all 12 months will be used as the final year-end ranking score.
  • Product Knowledge Tests: All service technicians who complete the quarterly Product Knowledge Tests with a score of 80% or better will receive an entry into a quarterly drawing for 250 earnPOWER points. 25% of the qualified service technicians per zone will be randomly selected to win
  • Toolbox Medallion: Service technicians who have earned seven or more toolbox medallions will receive a personalized display plaque
  • MOE Xccelerate Initiative: Starting Q1 2020, service technicians enrolled in the MOE program will have the opportunity to participate in the MOE Xccelerate initiative. The new communication application service leverages Progressive Web App (PWA) technology to deliver a mobile-first interface designed to engage participants in Mark of Excellence by providing convenient, easy access to service-related information for technicians just about anywhere.
  • Enrolled service technicians will receive details about the MOE Xccelerate initiative on January 3, 2020
  • Service technicians who choose to participate in the MOE Xccelerate initiative will be eligible to earn an additional ranking score of 25 for the program
  • Service Technicians must be enrolled in the MOE Xccelerate initiative by January 31, 2020 to earn


For more information about the 2020 Mark of Excellence program, select the Mark of Excellence app on the GM GlobalConnect App Center. (Fig. 7)


Fig. 7


– Thanks to Diana Sancya

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  1. I never received my xccelerate invite email. Not sure what I have to do to get the app. Thanks for your hrlp

  2. The Xccelerate pilot was launched on February 3 with email invitations sent to technicians who were eligible to participate. Technicians must have been enrolled in the 2020 Mark of Excellence Service Technician program by January 31, 2020 to receive the email. The email contained a GMIN-specific link, which is used to launch Xccelerate.

    If a technician who was enrolled in the MOE Service Technician program by 1/31/2020 did not receive an invitation, contact MOE Headquarters at 1-800-368-1638 for assistance.

  3. Kenneth Whitehead says:

    Where is this xcellerate app found

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