Engine Harness Chafing and Communication DTCs Set

An illuminated Check Engine MIL may be seen while driving on some 2019-2020 XT4 models. One or more of the following DTCs may be set: B1011, P175F, and/or P25A2. In addition, any of the following data communication DTCs may be set: U0073, U0077, U0114, U0121, U0130, U0131, U0132, U0151, U0159, U0415, U0420, U0452, and.or U2415.

The illuminated warning lamp and set DTCs may be caused by the engine wiring harness (Fig. 23) chafing between the power steering gear and the rear of the transmission case. (Fig. 24) Since the wiring harness is a multi-wire bundled harness, a variety of DTCs may be set depending on which wire is damaged.

Fig. 23


Fig. 24


To correct the condition, repair the damaged wiring following the appropriate wire-to-wire repair procedures in the Service Information. Once the repairs are complete, protect and reposition the engine wiring harness to prevent future harness damage.


– Thanks to Chris Hightower

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