Power Folding Trailer-Tow Mirror Movement

The optional trailer-tow mirrors on 2020 Silverado HD and Sierra HD models feature a power folding function (RPO DWI) and an available power extending function (RPO DZC), which makes it easy to adjust the mirrors for better visibility when towing. (Fig. 14) Some customers may notice that when folding or unfolding the power mirrors, the passenger-side mirror will fold slightly faster than the driver-side mirror. When comparing the two side mirrors, the passenger-side mirror will finish folding or unfolding a split-second before the driver-side mirror. It may be more noticeable when folding the mirrors inward.


Fig. 14


Power Operation

The passenger-side mirror will always finish the folding or unfolding operation slightly faster as the driver-side mirror has farther to travel. The mirrors will fold or unfold as the same speed; however, the angle of travel is less for the passenger-side mirror. This folding functionality of the trailer-tow mirrors is a normal operating condition and no repairs should be made.


Resetting the Mirrors

Reset the power extending mirrors (if equipped) when:

  • The mirrors are accidentally obstructed while extending/retracting.
  • The mirrors are accidentally manually extended/retracted.
  • The mirrors vibrate at normal driving speeds.


TIP: Manually fold both mirrors if they are out of sync. Fold and unfold the mirrors three times using the mirror controls to reset them to their normal position. If a popping noise from the mirror is heard, this sound is normal as the manual detents are aligning after a manual extend/retract operation has occurred.


– Thanks to Kevin Minor and Scott Fibranz

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