Safety Alert Seat Lane Departure Warning Inoperative

Some 2016-2019 Envision models may have a Service Driver Assist message displayed on the Driver Information Center along with an inoperative Lane Departure Warning actuator in the Safety Alert Seat (driver’s seat). DTC B172E (Driver Seat Cushion Left Rear Haptic Movement) also may be set.

These conditions may be due to negative inductance energy driven to the actuator, overheating the Memory Seat Module chip and causing the Memory Seat Module to shut off the port for the actuator. If these conditions are found, replace the two front seat Lane Departure Warning actuators (Fig. 12) following the procedures in the appropriate Service Information.


Fig. 12


In addition, rework the actuator harness to swap the terminal polarity on the actuator connectors. (Fig. 13) Be sure to complete the harness rework before reassembling the seat.


Fig. 13


To rework the harness, partially remove 4–5 inches (0–12.5 cm) of tape from the connector and then unlock the connector by moving the retainer to the pre-lock position using removal tool J-38125-12A. (Fig. 14)


Fig. 14


Insert the removal tool through the gap (Fig. 15), push the terminal spring and pull the wire. (Fig. 16) Remove the terminals one at a time.


Fig. 15


Fig. 16


Swap the terminals from the actuator harness connectors on both sides of the seat. (Fig. 17) Refer to Bulletin #20-NA-003 for the wire color for each cavity before and after the harness rework.


Fig. 17


To assemble the terminals, with the retainer in the pre-lock position, push in the terminal until it locks. Reconnect the harness connector to each of the actuators and assemble the seat.

Finally, reprogram the Memory Seat Module. Contact the Techline Customer Support Center for an updated calibration for the Lane Departure Warning system to ensure the haptic motors vibrate at the appropriate level.


– Thanks to Pamela Francisco


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