Loss of Audio or Abnormal Speaker Operation

There may be several audio conditions, including loss of audio, loss of chime, loss of turn signal indicator sound, low or no audio from a speaker channel, or abnormal speaker noises, on some 2018-2019 Enclave and Traverse models equipped with the standard audio speaker system (RPO UQF). These conditions may be caused by condensation from the HVAC system entering the Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) module through the module vents.

If these conditions are present, verify the conditions. If necessary, replace the ANC module (Fig. 10, #2) and install an ANC module secondary shield (Fig. 10, #3) to prevent additional moisture from entering the module vents.


Fig. 10


The ANC module is located behind the console towards the front of the vehicle. (Fig. 11) Confirm audio is present by disconnecting the ANC module X2 connector and, using the appropriate diagnostic test probe, jumper the involved speaker circuit terminals to bypass the ANC module. The ANC module amplifies the audio signal so the speaker audio output will be at a lower level when bypassing the ANC module.


Fig. 11


If audio is not present, or abnormal speaker noise still exists, other conditions may be present. Follow the appropriate diagnostic information in the Service Information for each condition.

If audio is present at a lower level, or abnormal speaker noise is no longer present, replace the ANC module and install the ANC module secondary shield. The shield should be installed on the studs first before installing the new module.


– Thanks to Zach Gillett

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