Front View Camera Programming and Learn Procedure

After replacing and programming the B174W Front View Camera Module (Fig. 30) on the 2020 CT5, the learn procedure using GDS2 may not be able to be started. Any of the following DTCs may be set: U0073, U0101, U0140, U0146, U0401, U0418, U0420, U0422, U0423, U0447, U0452, U0566, U1960, U1962, or U3000.

Fig. 30

Replacement Front View Camera Modules may already have the current data files, so when attempting to program a replacement module, the programming does not actually occur due to the same calibrations being blocked when programming is attempted. As a result, the Serial Data Authentication Configuration does not occur as well, which prevents the key provisioning from being executed.

If this condition is present, it will be necessary to access the Service Programming System (SPS) and perform the Serial Data Authentication Configuration procedure manually.

On the SPS Supported Controllers screen, look for the Serial Data Authentication Configuration button on the lower left of the module list. (Fig. 31) Select the button for the Serial Data Authentication Configuration.

Fig. 31

Once the configuration completes, all DTCs will go into history. Clear the codes and only DTC U3000 sym 54 (Control Module – Missing Calibration) will return.

Complete the Front View Camera – Windshield Learn procedure following the appropriate Service Information. Follow the directions displayed on the scan tool screen and drive the vehicle to complete the learn procedure. Be sure to clear DTC U3000.

– Thanks to Dave Antal

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