New Accessory Front Leveling Kit Released for Colorado and Canyon

A new Chevrolet Performance/GMC Accessories Front Leveling Kit is now available for 2015-2021 Colorado and Canyon models, excluding ZR2 models 2WD models, or models with 20-inch wheels. (Fig. 9) The leveling kit increases ride height by up to 1-inch, to level the vehicle’s stance and provide a greater approach angle for increased clearance over off-road obstacles. It also enables the use of popular off-road tire combinations.

Fig. 9

The kit is a direct bolt-on application. It features a unique e-coated steel upper spacer and polyurethane lower spacer to maintain optimal suspension geometry. (Fig. 10)

Fig. 10

Kit Installation

Installation of the Front Leveling Kit requires the CH–48845 Strut Spring Compressor and CH-43631 Ball Joint Separator.

The provided lower spacer is installed on the front shock absorber assembly. After removing the front shock absorber and spring assembly, compress the coil spring and remove the tenon nut, top mount, coil spring, and lower spring isolator.

It’s necessary to trim half of the alignment tab on the removed lower spring isolator. Do not trim the hard plastic spacer included in the kit. When installing the lower spacer (Fig. 11, #2) on the shock absorber (Fig. 11, #1), the tab should align with the alignment hole. Once the lower spring isolator (Fig. 11, #3) is installed on top of the lower spacer, the trimmed locating tab should be in the depression in the spacer.

Fig. 11

The provided upper spacer is installed on top of the front shock absorber assembly after reassembling the coil spring, top mount and tenon nut.

When reinstalling the shock absorber assembly on the vehicle, ensure it is installed in the correct position. The shock assembly upper mount is marked by a hole (Fig. 12, #1) and a flat. (Fig. 12, #2) The upper spacer (Fig. 12, #3) obscures the hole. These markings must be installed in the outboard position.

Fig. 12

Use the low profile nuts provided in the kit to secure the top of the front shock absorber and spring assembly to the vehicle. Be sure to tighten all fasteners to specification.

After completing installation, measure front wheel alignment and adjust to spec if needed.

The instruction sheet for the Front Leveling Kit is provided with the kit. It’s also available in the appropriate Service Information under the Accessories Manual link and under the accessories link at and

– Thanks to Adrienne Peters

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