Search for Safety Data Sheets by Part Number or Description

The Safety Data Sheets (U.S.) for ACDelco fluids and chemicals as well as other GM products (Fig. 5) are now available through a new link on The GM part number (long number) or the ACDelco part number (short number) can be used to search for the Safety Data Sheets. Searches also can be done using the product name printed on the label or the product description. Each Safety Data Sheet can be easily printed to be shared with employees and customers.

Fig. 5

A registration or password is not required to access the Safety Data Sheets.


Site Navigation Instructions

To access the Safety Data Sheets, go to and select Search Now in the Safety Data Sheets/Ingredient Disclosures section. (Fig. 6)

Fig. 6

On the Safety Data Sheets landing page, enter the GM or ACDelco part number in the search box for the most precise search. (Fig. 7) Searches also can use the name from the product label or a generic product description (5W-30, for example).

Fig. 7

If multiple Safety Data Sheets are returned, review the Material information and click the icon to launch the desired Safety Data Sheet. Select Revise Search to perform another search. (Fig. 8)

Fig. 8

While viewing the Safety Data Sheet, it can be downloaded or printed from your web browser.

– Thanks to Deanna Hartwell

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  1. Michael Joachim says:

    New link to the Safety Data Sheet / Ingredient Disclosures page:

  2. All paint SDS’s are housed at the following link – by part number.

  3. I have looked for this SDS Sheet and can not find it and is does not come up on the SDS lookup.
    GM/AC Delco Trunk Reconditioning (Splatter) Paint 13 Oz. Aerosol – Black / Aqua Color

    Can you please send me the current sds/MSDS Sheet for this product

  4. Michael Joachim says:

    Direct link to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Ingredient Disclosures page:

    You may want to update the link in the article which goes to the main web page.

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