Removal of Corvette Z51 Spoiler

2020 Corvette Stingray models equipped with the Z51 Performance Package feature a rear spoiler that adds downforce to improve high-speed stability. (Fig. 15) If the Z51 spoiler is to be replaced with the high wing accessory spoiler, there may be some concern about applying heat to soften the two-way tape retaining the spoiler without damaging the rear fascia paint. The fascia paint may not be able to withstand high heat generated by a heat gun.


Fig. 15


To remove the Z51 rear spoiler, it’s recommended to use 50 lb. test monofilament fishing line. Position the line (Fig. 16, #1) between the spoiler and fascia and, with a sawing motion, move the fishing line through the two-way tape to remove the spoiler. Using the fishing line method will eliminate any possibility of damage to the painted fascia surface.

Fig. 16

Do not use a heat gun, or attempt to pry the spoiler off the fascia with a plastic, metal or wood trim removal tool, in order to loosen the adhesive tape.

The installation instructions for Rear End Spoiler Package Installation (Fig. 17) in the Accessories Manual in the Service Information have been updated to eliminate the use of a heat gun to soften the two-way tape. Follow the updated installation instructions and do not use a heat gun during the removal process.

Any damage to the fascia paint caused during the Z51 spoiler removal should not be submitted as a warranty expense.

– Thanks to Jeff Strausser

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  1. Will Jordan says:

    Even with proper removal the imprint from the original spoiler is still visible, have 2 very unhappy customers. The spoiler is tightened down so tight that it dimples the fascia, the new high wing spoiler does not cover this, as it has a smaller “footprint” than the removed spoiler.

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