TPMS/RF Tool Software Update

The latest software update for the EL-52545 TPMS/RF Tool (Fig. 18) is now available. The update adds the following features and enhancements:

  • Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) learn and simulation (for vehicles with the Trailering app)
  • Enhanced Passive Signal Detection functions with improved workflow and icons
  • New Universal Garage Door Opener (UGDO) Signal Detection function
  • Enhanced Rotate–Diagnose–Relearn (RDR) procedure to support the flat tire TPMS relearn procedure
  • 2021 model year VIN support

Fig. 18

The EL-52545 TPMS/RF Tool was shipped as an essential tool to all GM dealerships in October 2019 to help with the diagnosis and repair of systems that rely on Radio Frequency (RF) communications, including TPMS, Keyless Entry, Passive Entry and Pushbutton Start. In addition, it offers the ability to quickly relearn TPMS sensors after a tire rotation or aid with key fob identification.

TIP: When connecting the EL-52545 tool for the first time, be sure to complete the tool registration when prompted.

The latest software can be downloaded at no charge for GM dealerships through the Service Workbench selection of “Special Tools and Software Updates” in GM GlobalConnect.

TIP: To keep the EL-52545 tool up to date with the latest software, use the WebVT app on your Techline PC. With the app, the tool will be automatically updated when connected to the laptop/PC application.

TPMS Enhancements

The software update includes the TPMS Relearn for trailer TPMS sensors, which now can be completed using the EL-52545 tool. (Fig. 19) In addition, the Trailer TPMS Simulator allows for complete diagnostics of the trailer TPMS system without needing the customer to bring in the trailer to the dealership. However, the EL-52641 Trailer Presence Simulator Tester is required.

Fig. 19

Enhanced Passive Detection Information

The update also add icons and a graphic when selecting the Passive Detection feature within the Signal Detection menu. The new features clearly indicate the proper positioning of the tool, which should be held with the left side of the tool facing the signal source (vehicle antenna). (Fig. 20)

Fig. 20

UGDO Function

The new UGDO function can be used to verify that the vehicle’s UGDO system is sending a signal to the buttons located within the vehicle. The UGDO feature is located in the Signal Detection menu accessed from the Main Menu. (Fig. 21)

Fig. 21

Enhanced RDR Procedure

To support the flat tire TPMS relearn procedure on 2020 and 2021 GM models using the new Vehicle Intelligence Platform electrical architecture, the Rotate–Diagnose–Relearn (RDR) procedure has updated with prompts that ask if the vehicle had a flat tire.

For more information about the EL-52545 TPMS/RF Tool, visit or call 1-800-GM-TOOLS.

– Thanks to Mike Waszczenko and Rick Jackson

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