Returning LPO Transit Wheels

When GM dealerships (U.S.) order new vehicles with Limited Production Option (LPO) accessory wheel kits, the vehicles will arrive at the dealership equipped with transit wheels. The LPO wheels (Fig 9) will be shipped to the dealership parts department to arrive at approximately the same time.


Fig. 9


Each transit wheel, which includes a non-saleable steel or aluminum wheel (depending on GM model), tire and Tire Pressure Monitor System sensor, is mounted to the vehicle during assembly. The transit wheels are designed to be used only during transport from the assembly plant to the dealership prior to installation of the LPO wheels. Transit wheels should never be used for normal on-road operation.

As part of the transit wheel program, the transit wheel assemblies are to be picked up by the dealership’s local ADI for shipment back to the assembly plant. The LPO wheel assemblies include a $1,500 core charge. Dealerships are required to make the core wheel assemblies available for ADI pick up within 48 hours of delivery of the LPO wheels.


LPO Wheel Installation

During PDI, the core wheels should be removed from the vehicle and the LPO wheels installed. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors also must be relearned. The set of core wheel assemblies should be stacked together and affixed with an orange VIN decal that was sent with the original LPO wheels.


Core Pickup

The parts department must complete the online return service request for the core wheel assemblies. The required paperwork should be included with the cores upon pickup. Once the core assemblies are inspected and picked up for transport to the ADI, the dealership will be credited the $1,500 core charge.

It is the responsibility of the dealership to ensure that the transit wheels are sent back to the ADI.


– Thanks to Tom Holecek


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