Tips for Installing LPO Accessory Wheels

When installing Limited Production Option (LPO) accessory wheel kits sourced from your local ADI (Fig. 4), a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) learn is required as part of the wheel installation.


Fig. 4


It’s important not to miss the learn procedure during the installation process. LPO accessory wheels have a red ‘wrist band’ tag on one of the wheel spokes as a reminder that a TPMS learn is necessary. (Fig. 5) Labor for the learn procedure is included as part of the accessory installation procedure.


Fig. 5


GM recommends using the EL-52545 TPMS and RF tool to perform the learn procedure.


The EL-52545 tool uses TPMS relearn communication to write IDs directly to the Body Control Module (BCM) via the Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) to help increase the success and quality of relearn procedures. As long as the tool is placed by the proper tire, an incorrect sensor cannot be learned, which will greatly reduce the common issue of learning a stray sensor on a near-by vehicle. (Fig. 6)


Fig. 6


Before delivering the vehicle to the customer, be sure to check that no DTCs are set and that the TPMS lamp on the instrument cluster is not illuminated.


New 2021 SUV Sensors

The 2021 Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Escalade SUVs offer 22-inch accessory wheel and tire sets that require a different TPMS sensor than the sensor used in the 2020 Silverado and Sierra trucks. If the TPMS sensors cannot be learned after installation, be sure the wheel assembly has the correct TPMS sensors.

To identify the correct sensor for these vehicles, look for an identification mark on the sensor body.

2021 Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon and Escalade SUVs use the new Vehicle Intelligence Platform (VIP) electrical architecture. The sensor, PN 84653994, is identified with a “4” printed on the sensor body. (Fig. 7)


Fig. 7


2020 Silverado and Sierra models use the Global ‘A’ Architecture electrical system. The sensor, PN 84413357, is identified with a “4C” printed on the sensor body. (Fig. 8)


Fig. 8


Both sensor types use the same sensor body, so they look the same. However, they cannot be interchanged. Be sure to look for the correct identification before installing them. The EL-52545 tool will not recognize the 4C sensor from a full-size truck if it is installed on a 2021 SUV model.


– Thanks to Mike Waszczenko

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