Install New Rear Toe Links Before Adjusting Rear Toe

When servicing the rear suspension on 2010-2016 Cadillac SRX and 2011-2012 Saab 9-4X models, the Service Information has been updated recently to require the replacement of both right and left rear toe links if a rear alignment is needed. The original toe links should not be adjusted. (Fig. 10)


Fig. 10


Once new rear toe links are installed (Fig. 11) and the rear toe is aligned, the rear toe should not be adjusted again. If the rear toe requires alignment later, new rear toe links should be installed followed by a rear toe alignment. When the rear toe links are serviced, always verify that the adjustment link jam nuts are tightened to the proper torque specification.


Fig. 11


Rear Toe Adjustment

After installing the new rear toe links, adjust the toe by rotating the rear suspension adjust link until the proper specification has been reached. Refer to the wheel alignment specifications in the appropriate Service Information.

The rear toe links from the supplier are pre-torqued to 20 Nm (14 lb.-ft.), not the final torque specification of 150 Nm (110 lb.-ft.).

Hold the adjustment collar with a 26mm open-end wrench (Fig. 12, #2) and verify the jam nut torque using a 26mm crow’s foot attachment (Fig. 12, #1) on a calibrated torque wrench. Check the torque by pulling the torque wrench handle. Tighten to 150 Nm (110 lb.-ft.). Ensure the jam nuts are properly torqued.


Fig. 12


  • On the driver’s side of the vehicle, push the torque wrench toward the rear of vehicle on both the inner and outer jam nuts (the outer link has left-handed threads).
  • On the passenger’s side of the vehicle, pull the torque wrench toward the front of vehicle on both the inner and outer jam nuts (the outer link has left-handed threads).


Recheck the toe setting and readjust the toe specifications if necessary.


– Thanks to Tom DiMambro

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