Fuel Odor from Engine Compartment

A fuel odor from the engine compartment may be found on some 2020-2021 Encore GX and 2021 Trailblazer models equipped with the 1.3L engine (RPO L3T).

Perform an inspection of the high pressure fuel pump (Fig. 13) and all related low pressure and high pressure fuel lines. If there are not any leaks found on the components, add fuel system leak dye to the fuel tank and idle the engine for five minutes.


Fig. 13


Inspect the high pressure fuel rail feed pipe and fuel injector connections for any signs of the leak dye or fuel leakage. (Fig. 14)


Fig. 14


In addition, check the fuel rail end cap for signs of dye or leakage. (Fig. 15)


Fig. 15


Replace any fuel system components where leakage is found following the procedures in the appropriate Service Information. The noise canceling foam component of the fuel injection fuel rail insulator also must be replaced if it has been exposed to engine fluids. Confirm the proper operation of the fuel system following repairs.


– Thanks to Raymond Haglund

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