Hood Latch Replacement

When replacing the hood latch (Fig. 16) on 2016-2018 Camaros, the service replacement hood latch will require the use of a new connector. The new service latch has a three-wire connector while the original latch on 2016-2018 models only has a two-wire connector.


Fig. 16


Obtain the new connector from the GM Electronic Parts Catalog. Remove the yellow wire and terminal from the new connector. It is also acceptable to cut the wire 1-2 inches from the connector and tape off the end of the wire.

The schematic in the Service Information shows a purple wire on the hood latch (Fig. 17); on the new connector this is a red wire. Connect the red wire on the connector to the BN/GN wire in the vehicle harness. Connect the black wire on the connector to the black wire on the vehicle harness.


Fig. 17


Refer to #PIC6421 for additional information and part numbers.


– Thanks to Dave Goodrow

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