Mark of Excellence Program Enrollment Open Now for 2021

The Mark of Excellence program (U.S.) (Fig. 23) recognizes the achievements, professionalism, and commitment of many members of the GM dealership community. For 2021, service technicians enrolled in the program can earn both recognition and a number of awards when they meet program qualifiers and other criteria.

The enrollment period for the 2021 Mark of Excellence program is December 7 – December 18.

The 2021 Mark of Excellence program runs from January 5, 2021 through January 3, 2022.


Fig. 23


Enrollment Does Not Carryover from 2020

Enrollment in the 2021 program is done through the Mark of Excellence app in the GM GlobalConnect App Center. (Fig. 24) Dealers must elect to participate in the Service Technician program as part of the enrollment process in order to enroll technicians for the 2021 program. There are not any automatic enrollment confirmations for dealership personnel who were enrolled in the 2020 Mark of Excellence program.


Fig. 24


Once enrollment is completed, all dealership personnel with a valid GlobalConnect email address who are enrolled in the 2021 program will receive an email message notifying them of their program status and other enrollment details. Enrolled individuals can update their email address through their GlobalConnect profile.


earnPOWER Points

The Mark of Excellence program provides technicians with the opportunity to win a combination of earnPOWER points, toolbox service medallions (Fig. 25), and other awards based on their product knowledge, technical training, customer satisfaction, and tenure with their dealership as well as with GM. In addition, technicians compete for Top 20 Zone and Top 50 National recognition awards.


Fig. 25


The Product Knowledge Tests also offer technicians the chance to earn additional earnPOWER points. Technicians who complete the quarterly Product Knowledge Tests with a score of 80% or better will receive an entry into a quarterly drawing for 250 earnPOWER points. 25% of the qualified technicians per zone will be randomly selected to win. Along with the earnPOWER points, technicians who successfully complete all four Product Knowledge Tests will earn an additional Mark of Excellence award.

For more information about the 2021 Mark of Excellence program, select the Mark of Excellence app on the GM GlobalConnect App Center or contact Program Headquarters at 1-800-368-1638.

– Thanks to Diana Sancya

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