Bluetooth and Phone Projection TAC Worksheet

Before calling the GM Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for any Bluetooth or phone projection (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) concerns (Fig. 24), TAC has released a template to follow when opening a TAC Dealer Case Management (DCM) case.

The template, along with a diagnostic worksheet, are provided in #PIC6423. It lists the information technicians and service consultants should gather from both the customer and the vehicle before and during diagnosis of Bluetooth or phone projection conditions.


Fig. 24


The worksheet includes information that can help with verifying a connection over Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or Bluetooth; checking the device operating system version; and if the condition occurs when the vehicle is parked or when driving.

The template covers the information needed by TAC to help with diagnosis, such as the connection method and if the device is newly paired or reconnecting. It also reviews audio quality concerns when streaming music or making a phone call.

For additional information, refer to #PIC6423.


– Thanks to Ryan Dorland

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