Pre-Delivery Inspection Forms Available on GlobalConnect App, No Longer in Service Information

Dealership personnel looking for the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) forms (Fig. 21) for current GM vehicles will find them through the PDI Forms app on GM GlobalConnect. PDI forms can no longer be accessed through the Service Information.


Fig. 21


Many customers consider the condition of a vehicle during delivery as a direct reflection on the dealership’s quality of service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Since the Special Inspection Items on the PDI forms are specific to each model and can change periodically, it’s important to always use the most current forms when performing a PDI.

To access the latest PDI forms:

  1. Select the App Center tab to display all applications available through GlobalConnect.
  2. To view only Service Department apps, check the Service box on the Departments drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Pre-Delivery Inspection Forms app and then select the Launch link to open the app. (Fig. 22)
  4. A shortcut to the app can be saved by selecting the app and then selecting Add to My Shortcuts.


Fig. 22


PDI Process

Currently, the PDI Forms link provides access to PDI forms for 2018-2021 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models. (Fig. 23) The availability of the forms is updated with each model year.


Fig. 23


Additional information about proper PDI procedures can be found in Bulletin #03-00-89-006R. It covers the PDI process and specific aspects to check on vehicles, such as transport mode, tire pressure, battery check and charge, compass calibration, OnStar, and interior items as well as reviews vehicle storage guidelines.

For vehicles that may remain in dealership storage for an extended period of time, refer to the latest version of Bulletin #09-00-89-002.


– Thanks to Melissa Swank and Heather Ball

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  1. Why have the battery checks been removed from 2021 vehicles?

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