Certified Service Mobile Toolbox App Update Required by June 1

The Certified Service Mobile Toolbox (CSMT) application, which includes the Pre-Repair Authorization (PRA) Process; Field Product Reporting (FPR) for U.S. dealerships or Product Information Reporting (PIR) for Canadian dealerships; and Field Action notifications, will require an update by all users by June 1, 2021. (Fig. 4) The system update includes the renewal of important security certificates. The update must be completed to be able to continue to use the tools provided in the app.


Fig. 4


The CSMT system update (version 3.4) will be available beginning May 25, 2021.

To prepare for the update to version 3.4, the operating system of the device using the app (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) must be:

  • Operating system (iOS) version 12, 13 or 14 for Apple devices.
  • Operating system (OS) version 8, 9, 10 or 11 for Android devices.


To check the version of your operating system, for Apple devices, go to Settings/General/About/Software Version, and for Android devices, go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information/Android Version. It’s recommended to update your device to the latest version available.

Android users in the U.S. who are unable to update to a compatible system should contact the GlobalConnect helpdesk at 1-888-337-1010 (prompts 1, then 2) for assistance.


– Thanks to Patti Marino

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